Addiction Resources

Stepping Stone Center for Recovery offer educational articles, webinars, and newsletters to help patients and their families learn about the dynamics of substance abuse, how to get help, and relapse prevention. We believe addiction is a treatable disease, and the only requirement is a willingness and desire to stop using drugs and alcohol. If you would like more information about entering our drug rehab, call us to speak with one of our admission counselors now.


Our drug rehab center has a special interest in educating you about addiction. In this section you will find articles written by therapists and addiction professionals to keep you informed about drug abuse, addiction treatment, and relapse prevention. These articles help answer questions you may have before coming to drug rehab.


Stepping Stone Center for Recovery provides you with a way to learn more about addiction through pictures paired with facts. Our topics are focused on the latest news, statistics, and other information on addiction, alcohol and drug treatment, and recovery from substance use disorders. They are great educational tools and a good way for quick and concise communication.