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Addiction Increases Chances to Contract Coronavirus

man wearing face mask during COVID-19 pandemic

Both alcohol and drugs create a dangerous welcome mat for any disease – coronavirus included. For alcohol users, excessive drinking can damage many internal organs – including your overall immune system. For drug users, especially opioid users, it can directly affect lung compacity. All of this means that those with substance use disorder can be

6 Questions to Ask When Looking for Addiction Treatment

bearded man having blood pressure taken asking questions about addiction treatment

Receiving quality addiction treatment is important to long-term sobriety and overall health. It would be nice if there were a guarantee of addiction recovery; however, statistics show 40-60 percent of people relapse. This is why Stepping Stone Center for Recovery offers two high-quality addiction programs focusing on specialized treatment to meet individual needs. Successful long-term sobriety is

Stepping Stone Center for Recovery Announces Program Changes

hands of counselor at stepping stone center for recovery leading group therapy session

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. (February 25, 2019) – Stepping Stone Center for Recovery announced changes to its treatment program aimed at providing more specialized care to patients seeking treatment for substance use disorders. The facility will now offer two high-quality addiction treatment programs for patients seeking safe detoxification and stabilization, or relapse recovery to get them on