Why Come to Stepping Stone Center’s Drug Rehab in Florida?

I’ve Decided to Go to Rehab: Why Stepping Stone Center in Florida?

At Stepping Stone Center, our reputation speaks for itself. We have helped thousands of people just like you to recover. Our alumni program is filled with graduates who are maintaining recovery while living a sober healthy life. Don’t be fooled by other rehabs selling you a bill of goods that treatment is a vacation in a resort-style drug rehab.

This is a life-threatening disease and it is important to have qualified staff in an accredited hospital treat you or your loved one.

Our staff of doctors, nurses and therapists are available 24/7. They will walk you through the different levels of care in addiction treatment, helping you explore patterns and learn a sober way of living.

Stepping Stone Center Provides a Safe and Loving Community

Our drug and alcohol rehab in Florida is surrounded by nature with breathtaking views away from the main town of Jacksonville, FL. Separating yourself from the chaos of the world while you enter detox treatment and addiction rehab is essential for successful recovery. Escaping from the worries that drug and alcohol use has inflicted upon you is freeing, both physically and psychologically. Stepping Stone Center provides the safe and loving community needed to help you focus on getting help.

You need specialized addiction treatment to stop using drugs and alcohol and professionals to help you regain all that you have lost in addiction. Warm accepting staff will remain your source of support throughout your treatment. Stepping Stone Center’s staff members know the pattern of addiction and will help you break the cycle and get your life back on track. We are dedicated to helping you complete rehab and return home sober.

Addiction is a treatable disease and you will get better. Going to addiction treatment takes courage. This is the first step to changing the rest of your life. Fear and trepidation of the unknown may paralyze you, keeping you from making the decision to go to treatment. Walking through the doors of Stepping Stone Center in Florida creates comfort for you, knowing that all your needs will be met while you are in our program. Take a break from trying to manage on your own. Don’t let addiction fool you into thinking you don’t need help.

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Stepping Stone Center and You: A Team that Wins

Enter into that drug and alcohol free life with ease. Be comfortable while detoxing, having all of your physical needs met. Enjoy learning about relapse prevention in our specialized therapy programs. Our staff will listen to you. We offer the treatment you need and deserve. Stepping Stone Center’s Florida drug rehab is the foundation in your fight against addiction.

Call us now to become part of the Stepping Stone Center success story. We will prequalify you by checking your medical insurance.