Multidisciplinary Treatment Approach

Holistic Care Provided by Our Team of Doctors and Therapists

One of the main differences between Stepping Stone Center for Recovery and other treatment centers is that we use a multidisciplinary approach to treating addiction. This means we draw from a variety of fields and treat addiction from various angles. Our staff is comprised of professionals trained and experienced in the clinical, medical, psychiatric, and psychosocial fields, providing a well-rounded and comprehensive treatment experience.

For instance, dual diagnosis treatment requires addressing both substance abuse and mental health issues. Our clinical therapists all hold master’s-level degrees in addiction treatment and are certified mental health professionals. We also have a full-time psychiatrist on staff.

Your treatment plan is a constantly evolving course of action. Each patient’s treatment team creates a unique plan that is reviewed, discussed, and adjusted on a daily basis. Every aspect of a patient’s life is addressed through this individualized treatment and aftercare plan. The analysis combines the expertise of doctors, clinicians, and therapists, all trained and experienced in substance abuse.

To that end, a patient will learn about destructive behaviors, destructive social interactions, and destructive emotional patterns. To maintain abstinence, a patient’s treatment plan includes psychosocial elements (home environment, living arrangements, support systems, and case management), clinical (a variety of therapies including group, individual, 12-step meetings, family therapy, recreational therapy, and more), medical treatment (detox, nursing care, physical examinations), and psychiatric services (educational sessions about drugs and alcohol, medication management ).

Our interdisciplinary approach provides patients with the education, tools, and support to return to their lives as healthy and productive family members and citizens.

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